Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Few could deny that the Weekly Standard's Michael Goldfarb is among America's greatest living patriots. In a world of defeatocrat squishes, stripey-pantsed diplowimps and Islamofascist appeasers, Goldfarb stands alone. His has been a voice of reason, courageously calling for other Americans to wage war against any and all who dare look at us cock-eyed, be they uppity nations, subnational groups or international institutions. But for too long this national treasure has deprived us of his singular strategic acumen in the actual combat theater. With recruitment, retention and morale at historic lows, the time is now for Michael Goldfarb to enlist for active duty in the US Armed Forces.

Please take a moment to post a comment urging Goldfarb to sign up and fight them over there, since he has already shown such heroic determination in fighting them over here.